Why Us?

Why Plusgas?

Stable prices: Plusgas offers you the price you can expect to pay each time you get a delivery. Some companies will offer a low starting price but continually increase the price.

No lock in contracts: We at Plusgas don’t believe we need to lock you in a contract because we’re confident you will be happy with the friendly customer service and price, you will call us for each delivery!

Same or next day delivery: we offer same or next day delivery to most area’s so getting gas is easy, others companies only deliver certain area’s on certain days so if you miss the truck your out of luck!

Customer service specialists: we understand the stress and difficulties of running a household also the importance of providing hot showers, a warm house and hot meals. So if you run out of gas one of our customer service specialists will help you out!

Reliable: A reliable gas supplier is a must! Plusgas prides itself on being reliable and prompt.

Household specialist: Plusgas is a residential focused gas supplier, so we understand the needs of the household not like some suppliers that are focused on forklift and industrial gas customers with residential customers an afterthought.

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